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Haus Unger

The dorm used to be a hospital founded by the jewish doctor Dr. Ernst Unger. In 1990, it was converted into a student dorm.

Haus Unger on Facebook

Haus Unger has two groups on Facebook:

  • Der Flinger is an open group. It was originally created for dorm mates to invite their friends to parties taking place in our party room, but it's also a platform for everybody who wants to say something (sounds kind of weird, just have a look in the group and you'll understand what I want to say ;-) ). As there are many people in the group that do not live in the dorm anymore, we have a second group, the…
  • Wohnheim News group. This group is private, so you won't find it if you search it. It was created for persons that are actually living in the dorm and we discuss stuff there that is only interesting to people living here, for example the elections for the student administration or the noisy construction work next to our dorm. If you want to enter this group, you have to friend someone living in the dorm and ask her / him to invite you.
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