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The fitness room

The fitness room is in the basement of side wing and front building. It consists of two rooms, one with workout machines and one with a mirror wall.

In 2015, the administration closed these rooms to rebuild them to meet the fire regulations. In 2017, these rebuilding measures were completed.

Unfortunately, the administration now insists on security certificates for the workout machines, which we haven't and never have had before. So we asked several institutions to get a certificate, but the cost just to have an expert taking a close look on the machines exceeds its' value by far.

Currently (November 2017), we are planning on getting new or used professional equipment that is already certified.
If you want to help us speed things up, you are warmly invited to contact one of us. The more we are, the faster the fitness room can be used again!

How to get to the fitness room

- Take the entrance “Aufgang B”. You should be able to open the door with your key.

- Go down the stairs.

- If it is closed, open the door with your keys.

- Turn left and go through the door.

- The door at the end of the corridor is the entrance to the fitness room.

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