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Der Flinger

Haus Unger has its own party room, called “Der Flinger” (named after our street, Derfflingerstrasse). It is comparatively spacious and there are:

  • a bar,
  • a courtyard with barbecue grills
  • a billard table,
  • a table football (or foosball, in german “Tischkicker”),
  • a table tennis table,
  • a projector with
    • a DVD player
    • an antenna receiver to watch TV
    • a Playstation 3 with several games

and loads of other stuff I forgot to mention.

How to find Flinger

- Take the entrance “Aufgang C”. You should be able to open the door with your key.

- Go straight and go through the door highlighted with red. You will then get into an inner courtyard.

- The door highlighted with red is the entrance to Flinger.

Bar Evenings

We used to have one evening per week where we opened the Flinger for dormmates to spend a nice time. However, in the past, there were less and less people passing by and the responsible eventually spent some evenings there without anyone coming around. Understandably, they stopped opening the bar then. We may every now and then try to re-establish the bar evening and will let you know about it. But for the moment, there are no regular bar evenings.

Jam Sessions

Similar to the bar evenings, jam sessions used to take place in the Flinger once a month. Due to the lack of participants, these nice events are not organized at the moment. :-(
Still, as the music room was closed, all the instruments we own are now in the Flinger, waiting for people to jam!


From time to time, the SV organizes parties (to get an idea, have a look in our Blog ;-) ).
But you too can use the Flinger to smash your own party.

How to have your own party in the Flinger

You will contact one of the members of the SV responsible for the Flinger to ask if the Flinger is free on your desired date.
If so, you will make an appointment with her or him to go to the Flinger. There, you will together

  • check the cleanliness
  • count the beverages or make photos of it
  • learn how to use the sound system
  • learn where your guests are allowed to smoke
  • learn about the security deposit

You will have to sign this contract, where all the rules are clearly explained and receive the keys.

After having enjoyed your party, you will have to clean up the Flinger and make another appointment with the responsible to return the keys. If you have kept the rules, you will get back your security deposit.

This all looks pretty strict and complicated, but we're all students, so no worries! :-)
You won't be the first one to rent the Flinger!

Flinger = Music Room??

Haus Unger used to have its own music room. The administration had to close it as it did not meet the severe regulations of fire protection. Many musicians living in Haus Unger lost their place to practise.
We decided to open the Flinger for musicians to give them a space to practise their instrument. This is based on mutual trust, which means a musician can have a key his or her own for the Flinger to practise freely. Until now, this arrangement works very well.
So if you are studying a music instrument and often need to practise at home, feel free to contact one of the responsibles to get your own key.

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