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The music room

Haus Unger used to have its own music room. The room was filled with music instruments we could use which was very convenient because we could play the piano, the drums, the guitar or the organ without owning one. Also, musicians living in the dorm could use the room to practise without annoying anyone else as it was soundproof.
Unfortunately, this room was closed without replacement due to severe fire regulations. All the music instruments are now stored in the Flinger. We sometimes build them up for jam sessions.

To provide a space to practise to the dormmates that study an instrument, we decided to hand out keys for the Flinger. This is based on mutual trust, which means a musician can have a key his or her own for the Flinger to practise freely. Until now, this arrangement works very well.
So if you are studying a music instrument and often need to practise at home, feel free to contact one of the responsibles to get your own key.

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