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The dark Zen lord Akiyama

Legend has it, that on the day the dark Zen lord Akiyama was born, pigs started flying and fish learned how to walk. So as you can tell, he's kinda old. Older than the evolution.

When the dark lord pronounced his first baby word, the world stood silent. His deep voice sounded like grinding stone. The roads cracked, glass shattered, children cried. Dark clouds gathered and covered the sun. This lasted for 105 years. Insects were triving while the rest of the world perished. Worms covered the body of the Zen lord, walked up his nostrils and filled his lungs. Everytime when he coughed worms and flies would spread and attack his enemies.

The reason why he went to the dark side is when he was 5, he fell into the cauldron with black tea in the factory where his papa was working. Akiyama's hair became dark and his skin got the shade of dark chocolate. Lord Akiyama's secret weapon is the Kameyama-Ha - the most powerful attack known to humanity. This power he taught himself in the dungeons of Haus Unger.

Later in his life, he used the pseudonym Dr. Ernst Unger to build a so-called hospital where he created his own clown army. Many heroes tried to stop him but his power was so big, soooo big, that non of them survived. During one of his tyrannic attacks on humanity, he stumbled across a baby. His atempt to kill it was unsuccessfull. The baby was protected by the magic of love of its parents. It not only survived but managed to destroy the dark Zen lords body which left him wandering the earth in an unknown form. The baby has by the time grown up and is nowadays known as Sister Bloch. To the dark Lord, she is his greatest enemy but also his greatest fear.

He is rumoured to be living in the fifth floor of Haus Unger in the body of a normal human being.

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