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Alejandro Mucho

Raised by wolves in the Russian tundra, Alejandro Mucho first discovered his supernatural ability to turn hummus into salami when he was only 5 years old. This special gift allowed him to save his wolf tribe of starvation and become the greatest hero in Russian mythology. He was known by then as “the shirtless boy, that rides the wolf”. Apparently, some modern russian leader is imitating him, riding horses shirtless. We will not name this person for security reasons.

He had known about what was going on in the world, about the tyrannic crimes the Zen Lord had committed, and also about his fall due to the incident with Sister Bloch. Although living with the wolves, he had been able to get himself a computer and internet access. When not gathering information about the dark Lord, he was playing comptuer games for hours, days, weeks, months, years. Without himself noticing, he had developed a magic power: the “deadly mouse”. Only by hitting people with the mouse of his computer, he had gotten able to knock out enemies much stronger than himself.

Although he was loved and respected by his kinsmen, Alejandro Mucho dreamed of seeing the world and fighting agains crime. One day he put his little black dress on, hopped on the wolf and winked his family goodbye. He travelled for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers until he reached the German border. A new journey would beginn…

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