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Spatsirk Svonavi

Spatsirk “Glamorous” Svonavi, born March 1st 1906 before Christ in Riga, Latvia, is the most famous singer on the 5th floor, west wing. As the legends say, he was brought to this world by angels. On that very day lightning struck the tallest tree in Latvia. What remained of it, was a piece of charred wood with the image of the newborn.

His mother was entrusted with the important task of keeping this special baby boy safe and away from the evil forces lingering in the dark corners of the universe until he was of age and could pursue his destiny. About one month after his birth, Spatsirk was inspired by the barking of his dog and the chirping of the birds outside his window and imitated these sounds with his very young angel-like voice. He continued imitating different sounds and tones until one day, he discovered that he, when imitating the sound of his snoring grandmother, he could make any organism fall asleep. He kept this talent as a secret but used it from time to time to get out of boring conversations (he would just make his counterpart fall asleep and then escape).

One day, Spatsirk was in his favorite cafe enjoying a cup of tea and a nice slice of banana bread, when one bearded old man sat next to him and started talking to him. Spatsirk tried his first magic power, the “disappearing like a ghost”, but it failed. The old man was too attentive. So as his last measure, he made use of his “song of sleepiness”. The old man fell asleep instantly and Spatsirk was able to fully enjoy his tea and banana bread. On a table not far from them, the great Alejandro "Alex" Mucho was sitting, enjoying an I.P.A., an Intensively Prepared Apple juice. The master was so impressed with the talent he had just witnessed that he decided to take Spatsirk on a journey to the other end of the world on a fight against the dark Zen lord Akiyama. Spatsirk himself was not used to saying “No” as he had grown up so well protected, so he thought to himself “Well…” and followed Alejandro to Haus Unger.

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