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Washing Machines

There are four washing machines and one tumbling dryer in the basement of Hinterhaus, west wing (see map). To use those, you need to have a Girocard (which you get if you open an account at a german bank) with Geldkarte. To learn more about the diffculties we are facing with Geldkarte, see below.

Washing machine online tool

- You can check online if a washing machine is available, just click here and enter the following login:

Username: xt
Password: xt

This information is not confidential. It is just not possible right now to see the washing machine availability status without login. Apparently, in the beginning of 2019, the washing machine's server will change, maybe it will then be possible to get the information without login.
As you can see in the picture, you can only check wether a washing machine is available or not. You cannot see when a washing machine will be available again. Click on “Aktualisieren” or press F5 to refresh and check, if a machine's status has changed.

How to find the washing machines

- Take the entrance “Aufgang C”. You should be able to open the door with your key.

- Go straight and go through the door highlighted with red. You will then get into an inner courtyard.

- Once you're in the inner courtyard, turn around and get through the door on the right (highlighted in red). If it is closed, you should be able to open it with your key.

- Go down the stairs and turn around.

- You will now see the entrance to the laundry where the washing machines are waiting for you to be used.

How to use the washing machines

- Turn on the washing machine you want to use by pushing the “Power”-switch.

- If it is closed, open the washing machine by pushing the “Open”-button.

- Put your clothes in the washing machine.

- Open the drawer on the left top of the washing machine.
- On the right side goes the detergent for the pre-wash. You would only put detergent in there if you think your clothes need a pre-wash. But in that case, you would have to choose the extra “Pre-Wash” when setting up the washing programme, otherwise detergent put on the right side would not be used.
- In the middle goes the detergent for the main washing.
- On the left side goes the softener.

- Put your garbage (empty detergent packings, used tissues you found in your trouser's pockets, …) in the garbage bins.

- Select a language by turning the big button and confirm by pushing it.

- Choose “Programme selection” to enter the washing programme setup.

- Select your desired washing programme by turning and pushing the big button. There are many different programmes such as universal, delicates, wool, dark colours, towels, jeans, …

- You can also set the spin speed and the temperature.

- If you enter the menu “Extras” …

… you can choose the optional “Pre-wash” earlier mentioned.
Keep in mind that choosing the options “Intensive” and “Pre-wash” put additional strain on your clothes and they might wash out and wear and tear earlier.

- Now close the door by pushing it until it clicks.

- The screen should now display the message “Payment required”.

- The number on the right bottom indicates, which washing machine you are using (washing machine no. 4 in this example).

- At the payment terminal, choose your washing machine (washing machine no. 4 in this example).

- Now put your Girocard in the terminal.

- The terminal will tell you the price for one programme.

- Confirm by pressing the flashing button.

- Wait until the terminal has accepted your payment and take your card out of it.
Do not forget it!!

- Your washing machine is now waiting for you to start the programme. Start it by pushing the “Start”-button (Thanks Captain Obvious).
Once you hear your washing machine clicking and the sound of running water, you can be sure it is working.

- It will now show you when it will be done. You may set the alarm on your mobile phone now to not forget your laundry.
If you only have little laundry, the machine will finish earlier. That is no problem, the machine is just very intelligent and adapts the length of the washing programme to the amount of laundry.
If you are late or the machine has finished earlier than indicated, people may want to use your washing machine before you are there. If you leave your laundry basket (or whatever you are using for your laundry) on the washing machine, people can put your clean laundry there. Otherwise, they might put it on the top of washing machine (which may not always be very clean).

- Once the programme is finished, open the washing machine to take out your clothes.
- KEEP IT OPEN when you're finished please. If you close the door, the washing machine cannot dry and starts smelling.
- Finally, turn off the washing machine.

Known problems


The german Volksbank banks will stop supporting the Geldkarte in 2018, all the other banks will follow in 2020. This means, you won't be able to load your Geldkarte at a Volksbank ATM anymore. You can use every ATM from another bank though. We, the SV already have an offer from the company that is supporting us technically with the washing machines to change to a new way of payment that supports Girocard and credit card. So why are we still using Geldkarte?
Reasons against changing the payment system:

  • getting the money from Girocard to the SV's account will get more expensive → using the washing machines will get more expensive
  • changing the system is pretty costly (around 1600 Euro, as at Oct. 2017) → using the washing machines will get more expensive
  • payments via direct debit, which Girocard is part of, can be recalled by the payer very easily using online banking. It is also possible that the payer's account is not covered.
    Either way, the bank, where the SV has its account (the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft), will claim the cost for the payback from the SV. The SV then needs to collect the amount (usage of washing machine + costs for payback) from the payer (the one who used the washing machine). If that person is an idiot and doesn't react, the situation could possibly end in a lawsuit (of course in a worst case scenario and not because of 15 Euros).
  • Frau Schultze from the Studentenwerk has told us many times that we might not keep the responsibility over the washing machines for a long time. If for example we will lose responsibility for the washing machines next year, it does not make sense to do such a big investment. We would rather use the money to get new fitness machines, new tools for the bicycle garage or new equipment (e.g. for a better musical experience) in the party room.

Of course, we can always reconsider and change the payment system. But for the moment, as everybody somehow manages to get their clothes washed, we'd rather keep it with the Geldkarte as long as it is supported.

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