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Our neighbours

There are many interesting people to meet in our neighbourhood. With this article, we want to sort of prepare you what's waiting for you on the streets of Tiergarten Süd (that's what the neighbourhood is called).

Neighbours in Derfflingerstr. 20A

To get things clear: We are all students, we (at least most of us) are young. Haus Unger is a student dorm. Of course we sometimes do parties, in the party room, in our kitchens, in our rooms. Sometimes, guests for our parties are standing in front of the main entrance and talk. People living in Derfflingerstr. 20A (the house behind the green fence right next to the dorm) are not like us. Most of them are nice, some of them are not. If you're lucky to have a balcony on your room, and you want to invite friends to have a glass of wine there in a summer evening, you may get insulted the worst by some grumpy guy in Derfflinger 20A, without announcement. We never actually saw him, because he always hides and never wants to come over to join, although we sometimes ask. We guess, he is a poor, old, sad man and seeing us enjoying ourselves makes him mad. Maybe you have the proper words to comfort him. Maybe not and he will call the police. If you're facing problems with him, you can let us know and we will try to talk to him.

Pretty Women in Kurfuerstenstrasse

You may have noticed: there is street prostitution in the area where Kurfuerstenstrasse, Genthiner Strasse and Frobenstrasse meet. Especially if you are a guy and you pass by them at night on a weekend, they may be very obtrusive and try to grab you on your arm and on your crotch. In case you are a girl, men that are looking for sex in that area may consider you a prostitute too. If you are not comfortable with that, try to avoid that area during night time.

Random visitors to the dorm

From time to time, there are random people intruding into Haus Unger. They're always in the “main” building, where the normal dorm is (not the shared flats). If you happen to see someone you don't know, ask if you can help him / her. Don't ignore him / her! Ignoring him / her may give him / her a feeling of safety and he / she will return.

Construction work in Derfflingerstr. 22A / Genthiner Str. 34

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