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Postal offices

In Germany, there are several postal service providers which all have different offices and different rules and possibilities.
If you want to avoid problems with receiving your parcel at home, please move to section Advices on how to get your parcel delivered.

Deutsche Post / DHL

Deutsche Post (german postal service) is the main postal service provider in Germany. The parcel service DHL ist part of Deutsche Post.
The closest Deutsche Post office is in Kleiststrasse near Wittenbergplatz.

post.jpg According to Google Maps, it takes 14 minutes by walk, 7 minutes by bicycle or 10 minutes by U-Bahn.

The Deutsche Post office offers every service Deutsche Post offers (no kidding!). If a parcel could not be delivered to you, it will usually go there and wait for you to pick it up.
This office is often very crowded and you might have to wait in the queue for 20 minutes. If you want to send a letter or a parcel or only buy stamps, we recommend you to go to one of the smaller Deutsche Post shops that are often integrated in kiosks.

Deutsche Post shops

The smaller Deutsche Post shops offer practically the same services as the Deutsche Post offices, such as:

There are several Deutsche Post shops around the dorm, the closest ones are near U-Bahn station Nollendorfplatz and near U-Bahn station Kurfürstenstrasse.

postshops.jpg You can find this map by entering the dorm's address here.

kiosk.jpg As mentioned, these small shops are integrated in kiosks. You can recognize a kiosk with a Deutsche Post shop inside by the “Deutsche Post”-sign or the “DHL”-sign.

DHL shops

DHL shops too are mostly integrated into kiosks. DHL shops will

They will not take letters you want to send (but of course you can buy stamps there and throw it into a yellow post box).

There is one DHL-shop very nearby Haus Unger: dhlshops.jpg You can find this map by entering the dorm's address here.
You will recognize a DHL-shop by the DHL-sign outside the kiosk.

Deutsche Post sales points (Verkaufspunkte)

In Deutsche Post sales points (which again are integrated into kiosks), you can buy stamps for letters and parcels.
You cannot pick up your parcel, nor will they take any of your items. But it is still useful if you just want to send a post card or a normal letter.

verkaufspunkts.jpg You can find this map by entering the dorm's address here.
Sales points are marked with VP (Verkaufspunkt).

Problems with postal services

There are around 150 people living in Haus Unger. More often than in a normal house, people are moving in and out here. In addition, postmen and -women are changing, so it is certainly hard for them to find the right doorbell for the parcel they have to deliver.
Many postmen and -women are therefore unmotivated to even try to search the doorbell. If you're lucky, they would just put a note in the letterbox saying they had been here and rung the bell but nobody opened the door. On the note, it usually says that you can go to the Deutsche Post office in Kleiststrasse near Wittenbergplatz the next day to pick up your parcel. If you're not lucky and / or your parcel had not been sent with DHL, you may face one of the following situations:

  • You keep waiting for your parcel for weeks. You decide to ask the postal service company about it, and they will tell you it had been delivered successfully to you weeks ago.
  • You have a note in your letterbox saying, your parcel was delivered to the neighbour you have specified, but you have never specified one. The note would not say the neighbour's name.
  • You have a note in your letterboy saying, your parcel was delivered to your neighbour. There is a name on the note, but this name either does not exist or you cannot read it.
  • You have a note in your letterbox saying, you were not at home when the postman or -woman was here. He or she will try again in the next few days. Some days later, you have the same note in your letterbox with the addition that next time would be the last time the postman or -woman would try to deliver. If you're not at home next time he or she comes, the parcel will return to the sender. Of course the note does never say when exactly will be the next time the postman or -woman will come by.
  • You have a note in your letterbox indicating date and time when the postman or -woman was here. The note says, you have not been at home. But you are 1000% sure, you were in your room at that time, not even in the kitchen or on the toilet.
  • Worst case: someone is sending you a present and you don't know about it. It might return to the sender without you even noticing someone tried to send you something.

In most of the situations mentioned, you don't know where your parcel is and you have to go search it. You could try asking the postal service, or ask in the Haus Unger Facebook group which is a hidden group, so you would have to ask someone to invite you first if you're not a member yet.

Advices on how to get your parcel delivered

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