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Turkish grocery stores

In turkish grocery stores, you can obviously find lots of turkish grocery, but they are also selling arabic products.

Semerkand butcher shop

In Kurfürstenstr. 37, close to U-Bahn station Kurfürstenstrasse, you can find a strictly halal butcher shop. It is very small and not even located on Google Maps, but you can be sure it is there:

Nazar in Potsdamer Strasse

In Potsdamer Strasse near U-Bahn station Kurfürstenstrasse, there is the Nazar market.

The Nazar supermarket offers lots of fruits and vegetables on the street.
Inside, there is a meat counter where they sell every kind of meat and edible internal organs (hearts of chicken, liver etc…). Of course, they don't sell pork.

Bolu in Kleiststrasse

Right between the U-Bahn stations Wittenbergplatz and Nollendorfplatz, there is the Bolu market.

bolu.jpg You can actually shortcut a little bit by going through Maienstraße and the inner courtyard of Berolina Bowling Lounge. This shortcut is not recommended if you're on your bicycle though.

The Bolu market in Kleiststrasse just opened in summer 2017 and I never really had the chance to go there. If you have been there and would like to share your impression, don't hesitate to register and write about it! :-)

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