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Public transportations

Haus Unger is in a very central location in Berlin. You can get to most of the “interesting spots” in Berlin in less than half an hour.


Nollendorfplatz is the underground (U-Bahn) station with the most underground lines in whole Berlin. U-Bahn lines U1, U2, U3 and U4 are stopping here.

nolli.jpg Depending on which line and which entrance to the station you want to take, either this way…

nolli2.jpg … or this way may be faster.
Everybody has her or his preference. Some want to avoid the girls standing on the street that you will meet if you choose this way, others might prefer going through the quiet Else-Lasker-Schüler-Straße street and have a glimpse on Apostelkirche church.
The only thing that is sure is that there is no way passing through Kielganstrasse street, which actually seems to lead to Nollendorfplatz all straight. For years now, people are trying to find a way through the building at the end of Kielganstrasse, but it seems impossible. If you happen to find a way to get to Nollendorfplatz via Kielganstrasse, share it and you will be the hero of the dorm and we will establish a drink in the Flinger named after you to honour you.


If you have to take U1 direction Kreuzberg, you might prefer using the U-Bahn station Kurfürstenstrasse, as it is as far from the dorm as Nollendorfplatz but it comes one stop after Nollendorfplatz. According to BVG's trip planner, you can save one minute!

kurfuerst.jpg If you take the entrance to the station which is nearest to the dorm, on your way in direction Warschauer Strasse, you can even save two minutes compared to taking the U-Bahn at Nollendorfplatz. Isn't that amazing!


Haus Unger is surrounded by several bus stops.
Buses in Berlin have the bad habit to be unreliable, especially at rush hour. Sometimes they're early, sometimes they're incredibly late. Sometimes they pass by the station you are waiting at, sometimes they don't come at all. So if you must not be late at all, better take one bus earlier.

bus.jpg You can find this map here by entering the dorm's address (Derfflingerstr. 21, 10785 Berlin). As you can see, there are too many bus lines to introduce them all to you. But I'm sure you can get along on your own once you've read the next section!


BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Berlin trasport company) is the company that manages the public transportations in Berlin.
On their website, you can find the trip planner, which will show you the fastest way to get to your destination using public transportations, and also the exact location of every entrance to a U-Bahn station and bus stop (just enter the desired station and click on “Area map” on the left side). If you're new to Berlin, you will probably use this site (or the according app on your smartphone) very often.

What, you're still here? Get out and discover Berlin!!

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