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To-Do when you just moved in

This is a brief summary of things we suggest you to do if you want to take part in the dorm life.

  • Haus Unger on Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, get connected with one of your floormates. They can then invite you to the two Facebook groups of Haus Unger.
  • Haus Unger blog: You may want to subscribe to our blog to keep getting updates on the dorm life, such as events in the party room.
  • Geldkarte: Our washing machines work with payment via Geldkarte. If your bank doesn't support the Geldkarte function, you should ask one of your floormates if you can use their card.
  • You may want to read the articles in this section as they concern your everyday life in the dorm.

For the rest, see the particular articles.

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