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The official administration (The Studierendenwerk)

Haus Unger is officially managed by the Studierendenwerk Berlin.
The person in charge of Haus Unger is Frau Schultze.
Frau Schultze's phone number is 030 93939 - 8190.
You will have to go see her to sign the contract. If for example you have questions regarding the rent, the cleaning personnel or if you want to change rooms with someone, she is the one you have to get in touch with.

Rainer Plechata is the caretaker of this dorm.
His mobile phone number is 0151 16 60 02 76.
Rainer is the person in charge for technical problems (e.g. the heating is not working, the tap is leaking, the door is squeaking etc.). He will give you the keys to your room and your letterbox and you will return the room to him when you move out.
He is in his office Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 10:00am, but in urgent cases, you can call him on his mobile phone.

If you want to apply for a room in any dorm in Berlin, you need to register in this form.

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