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The cleaning personnel

The Studentenwerk chooses and pays the company that cleans Haus Unger.
In this pdf, you can see the conditions the Studentenwerk put. The document for example says, that the cleaning company has to clean the kitchens, toilets and showers 5 times a week, which means every weekday.
Since forever, people living in the dorm are not satisfied with the cleaning company's work. The Studentenwerk changes companies from time to time, with the result that it is sometimes more or less clean. We know that the companies pay their workers very little and / or calculate impossible times (e.g. 20 minutes per floor). So please don't give the cleaning personnel a hard time with respectless behaviour.
Respectless behaviour means for example:

  • not removing the hair from the drain after taking a shower
  • spilling something on the floor and not cleaning it up
  • blocking the worktops in the kitchen with used dishes

If you are not satisfied with the work of the cleaning company, try to talk to the cleaning personnel first. If this doesn't help, take photos and send them to the SV or to Frau Schultze from Studentenwerk.

Keep in mind that the dorm is our home. Use it as if you were at home, not in a hotel. Also, remember that you are using the kitchen together with your floor mates. Everybody has a different taste of cleanliness and hygiene. Think of your floor mates and try to find a way that works for everybody. If it's not working out at all with your floor mates, let us know and we will try to help you.

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